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Finishing “The Presence”

Nov 19, 2010   //   by Chuck Reeves   //   Blog  //  No Comments

We just have one more topics left in the series on the Sanctuary that we’ve called “The Presence.” This last topic is called “How the Sanctuary Reveals That We’re Living In the Last Days.” I honestly think it’s one of the most important messages we’ve ever presented at the Carrollwood Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you didn’t see it, make sure to check it out on the video page.

That’s all for now!

It Has Begun!

Nov 7, 2010   //   by Chuck Reeves   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Yesterday we launched our new website and we’ve had the most traffic we’ve ever had before with any website!

That’s really cool. So I want to encourage you to tell your friends about it and help promote it.

Most importantly, we’d love for you to get involved and do a few things:

1. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter. That’s going to be the main medium where we give updates on what’s happening at Carrollwood Church.

2. On our Get Connected page is a list if different Service Opportunities. Go there. This is your opportunity to make a difference and join a service team. We’ll be updating this list during the week to give more information on more specific teams you can join.

3. If you’re not friends with us on Twitter or Facebook, yet, make sure to jump on the main page here and become friends with us! We promise we won’t reject your friendship 😉

That’s it for now. Just wanted to encourage you with the good news! See you online!

[image by kazeee]

We Have A New Site!

Nov 1, 2010   //   by Chuck Reeves   //   Blog  //  No Comments

*This is the blog area the site where we’ll give process how things have gone in the past and announce things coming up in the future.

Ok, it’s been a long time coming. The old one served us pretty well. For old-time’s sake, below is a screen shot of how I made the old site on iWeb.

Ok, so some of you may be wondering why we even got a new website and how much this whole thing costs. Because it does looks pretty pricey right? Well, the good news it that it’s totally free! We were able to find a completely free WordPress theme called Boldy that we were able to use with the current hosting company that we use. So it costs us nothing extra.

So here are a few reasons why this is a great upgrade for us:

  1. Multiple users. On the old site, I was the only one that could update it, since it was made on iWeb. On this new site, we can have multiple users that can update their own sections.
  2. It’s fast. The old site was super slow. Unless you had really fast internet access, you had to wait a long time for it to load up. Since this new site is built on a WordPress framework, it’s really fast. Goodbye slow turtles!
  3. Easy to update. The old site could only be updated from one computer. This new site can be updated from any computer with internet access.

There’s probably a lot more reasons as to why this is such a huge upgrade for us, but we wanted to throw down at least a few concrete ones.


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